Sunday, July 08, 2007

Was it or Wasn't it?

Was it a success or wasn't it? That is the question, and much like the subject "Global Warming" no one seems to agree.

We have this head line - "Two Billion", sounds like a success doesn't it?

Two billion watch Live Earth concerts

Then there is the "Live Earth fails...", sounds like it wasn't as success doesn't it?

Live Earth fails to pack large-scale punch

But then we get to the main reason for the even and for Gore's participation...

Al Gore slams global warming doubters at Live Earth
"Some who don't understand what is now at stake tried to stop this event on the Mall," the former Democratic presidential candidate said in a thinly veiled hit on members of President George W. Bush's Republican party.

"But here we are," he said as an image of a bright Earth shined behind him. "And it wasn't the cavalry who came to our rescue, it was the American Indian."

A few hundred spectators turned out for the concert, which began at 10:30 am

It was a political statement, that is it, I am unimpressed with Gore's quest for a legacy and/or a possible why back to the political arena. By the way let's not overlook the fact that the Washington sight managed to gather a "few" hundred - whoopee!

As for me - I am a what is affectionately called a Global Warming "denier"; however, I choose to spend my time watching the "carbon rich" Pepsi 400 which I am sure was much more exciting - Resulting in a "photo finish"!

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