Saturday, February 07, 2009

Well let's see - The sultans of smart in our education system already want to teach America's children God couldn't have created the planet, every good child should be totally dependent on the government, there is not failure therefore no success, and now further brainwashing that they can someone how "save the planet" by what choosing paper instead of plastic... Really GIVE ME A BREAK!

Environmental Lesson Plans Drawing Praise, Concern
Could environmental education be crossing into environmental indoctrination? Some critics say yes, as schools boast that such curricula simply is teaching children ways of caring for the earth.

Being a "good" student at Western Avenue Elementary School in Flossmoor, Ill., means more than just doing reading, writing and arithmetic well. It also means trying to save the planet.

I do not advocate nor participate in total abandonment and do think we should be good stewards of what GOD have given us; however, it is the arrogance of man to believe that simply their action can and will destroy this planet before the time and place of GOD's choosing... So if we cannot destory before God so chooses, how can we, you, save it????

One more question - A few days last summer we had record highs giving way to "global warming" rhetoric; however, we broke recodes from 1891 and 1902...what was killing the planet then, did they predict the end in 50 years, and what change????? Want to MAYBE convenience me accurately predict the weather tomorrow and we will talk!!!

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